1.  Can they be fabulous?

Yes they can – we have been manufacturing and printing thermal tickets since dinosaurs walked the Earth – and we’ve worked on design with some of the hottest names in world entertainment from Disney to the RSC, from the Rugby World Cup to the Welsh Highland Railways, from West End theatre to Stonehenge.

Seriously though, we can really make your design ideas, your brand, your vision sing and resonate to make your tickets totally sumptuous, stunning and sublime!

Why not get us to send you some of the tickets we’ve made for these guys – if nothing else it will help generate ideas?

      2. How do we get the best deal?

Price will depend on a number of factors

  • How many thermal tickets you need printed (the more you buy the cheaper the unit price gets). Find a thermal ticket manufacturer (like us) who can make a year’s worth of stock and deliver them in batches through the course of the year.
  • The size of the thermal tickets. This is determined by the type of printer you have (eg BOCA, Stimare, Star) and the amount of info and design you want on the ticket + the impact you want to make. You don’t have to have the same size as last year – we can advise on the options available when you tell us what printers you’re using. But, of course, the bigger the tickets, the more expensive they’ll be.
  • The number of colours front and reverse – yes more colours does mean more cost but it’s often not as bad as you think. Sick of your boring 1 colour face design? Just ask us to quote for more colours (it could be as little as £50-£100).
  • Bells and whistles.

Do you need extra security measures? IE might your thermal tickets be forged? We can recommend security devices that are unique and impossible to fake.

Do you want to make your thermal tickets resplendent, ravishing and radiant?

Using holograms and foils really makes your thermal tickets stand out and they become valued souvenirs.

But, sadly folks, these bells and whistles do add cost – worth getting a quote though …

 And now the good news 

Because we supply more thermal tickets than any other UK thermal ticket supplier we have amazing economies of scale – and we like to keep it competitive – so here goes…

We will beat any price from any UK thermal ticket supplier, for almost any thermal ticket out there!

  1.  If we change supplier will something go wrong?

Good question!

Yes it could do if you choose the wrong supplier…

 So ask the right questions:-

  • Are your thermal tickets guaranteed to run and image correctly in our printers?
  • Are your thermal tickets guaranteed to be printed to the highest standards (and what happens if we’re just not happy?)
  • Will our thermal tickets be delivered on time?
  • Will we have 1 person to deal with (and someone to back them up) who really understands and cares about us as a customer?

 Well you probably won’t be surprised to hear that we can give resoundingly positive answers to all the above – we offer a 100% no quibble guarantee – if it ain’t right, we put it right – and if we don’t then you don’t pay – simples!

We pride ourselves on customer service (you’re the guys who pay our wages, as our boss keeps banging on about!) – you have 1 dedicated account manager and that person has a fully briefed assistant – if you ring or email Premier Rolls you get a real person answering the phone or email (yes a real person) and you are always guaranteed to get the service you have every right to expect.

 So maybe give us a shout and see what we can offer?

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Thermal Dental Appointment Cards – Elaine Kellett

All available on 0845 222 9000

Or email south@premrolls.co.uk