Sell more of your product with jaw-dropping label design

Getting your product off the shelf and into the hands of every passing customer is life’s sole ambition for our humble little friend, the product label.

Beginning as a mere scrawl on fashioned papyrus, backed with sticky gum paste, the first ‘labels’ were Egyptian and adhered to walls and market stalls to help sell products and advertise places.

They’ve come a long way since the ancient bazaars and emporiums of Egypt; label design now incorporates a staggering array of eye-catching and tactile variations to help you catch that customer.

Good old paper, shimmery sophisticated foil and dependable, rough and tough plastic satisfy a range of functions depending on your label’s application. Custom shapes and sizes along with colours and coverings allow you to convey the information you need, without being limited by the size of your packaging.

The product marketer has many a weapon in her arsenal, but there are none as important, or as crucial in their design to selling products on a shelf. Here are three ways to make your label truly outstanding.

Five ways to reach label nirvana

  1. Seven, six, five, four, three, two, gone…

First impressions are made in around seven seconds. If your product label + packaging makes a good one, your customer will remember. If not, the sale might be missed. For premium products in glass containers, double-sided labels bring a level of intrigue which is just stunning.


2. iLabels

Gen Z and the rise of the YouTuber means people are consuming media in new and interesting ways; the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign shows just how labelling can be used to connect with customers by providing a personal touch.

Use your label as a conduit to encourage these exchanges, perhaps by offering exclusive content that can only be accessed by purchasing your product, for example make-up tips when buying face cream, or workout videos with multivitamins. Your account manager can run you through our extensive range of foil, tactile and embossed label options that will round off your personal touch perfectly.


3. For the very dainty

If your product is small but perfectly formed, you needn’t miss out on classic minimalist design. Or alternatively, if you have a lot of content, but not very much packaging space to put it on, booklet-style labels or the equally catchy Expanded Content Labels (ECL) moniker allow you to increase the available area for print by three to five times. More than enough to make your product look great on the outside and be full of information on the inside.


4. All-singing, all-dancing all-haptic

Haptic refers to engaging your customers’ senses and can be achieved by utilising a mix of innovative labelling techniques to connect them with your product in an emotionally positive way. Your product will delight customers if its label features intricate and unusual designs.

Making your product interesting to touch with tactile embossed patterns, cashmere-soft coatings or wet and shiny textures can evoke feelings of sensuality or relaxation. Combined with visual stimuli such as UV coatings or bronze foiling simply makes for an all-in-one, wholly satisfying product interaction that will keep your buyers coming back for more. And tell all their friends about it.


5. To la(be)l, or not to la(be)l, that is the question

When is a label not a label? Especially attractive on transparent packaging, clear labels simply meld into the background, giving an aura of quality through minimalist design, even on innocuous products.

See-through labels featuring stark, bold branding aren’t just capable of sprucing up low-value, run of the mill products but can transform something above average into a total luxe-offering, as often demonstrated by Absolut vodka with their ranges of one-off bottles. Even in some cases, transcend the product barrier completely until the item simply looks like a work of art.


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